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February 01 2018

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sophia lillis for woderland magazine ♥

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[PHOTO] 180201 Mnet M!Countdown - Red Velvet ‘Bad Boy’ Comeback Stage

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John can’t even have his own movie to himself I see. Y’all will literally die before you let a Black man be the lead in a movie.

This is why so many of us hate you.

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Gothic Lolita:


Person not really involved in goth subcultures but who just likes black:

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I remember reading an interview about John Boyega being unnerved by porgs and had to draw Finn meeting the potatos.

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i just found this pic of john and i think i need to go breathe in a bag

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Jessica during I Got a Boy era, for anonymous. 💗


imagine if people defended john boyega and kelly marie tran from racists as much as they defend adam driver from people who call him ugly

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Begin Again.. ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

fireheartedkaratepup replied to your post “queen-of-troy: crumplelush: winemomleia: “it would be impossible…”
What’s the point here? I’m not understanding your meaning. She was going to play the part, but her brother saw that it was traumatic and stepped in because he didn’t want her to go through that again.

the point was that there are ways to cast a pretransition woman character as other than a cis man playing him. this example is that instead of trying to make laverne play sophia’s pretransition self they got her twin brother. 

instead of say eddie redmayne or any other cis actor getting a role to tell a trans woman’s story 

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remember in school when we had to put these orange covers over the keyboards when practicing our typing skills so we wouldn’t be able to peek at where the letters are?

no… what the hell kinda school did u go to? prison??

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Daisy Ridley at the Porter Magazine hosts Incredible Women Talk in London.

This is a distress signal

idk who this is but

I was so distracted I didn’t realize she had to do it to me

You know Jane Goodall had to do it to the chimpanzees

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This the funniest shit I seen all day bro…



I wish actors did like. Actor concerts or something

omg… plays…





I feel like we’re being forced to accept John Boyega as a good actor because he’s this bland good guy

He’s not depicted one character that makes that character feel transcendent.

However he is nonthreatening to females so his pedestrian acting skills get a pass.

Bruh brings no swag to his characters.

so are you frustrated because women think he’s cute or because he’s thiccer than you??

Does this person really expect us to take them seriously after they referred to women as “females” lmao

Also, does OP know how many bland, white actors we’ve had to sit through and people have praised them to high heaven? Like…really?

op sounds mad as hell. like i was a fan of john’s from his acting in attack the block and he’s only gotten better with time. mediocre where? lmao

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