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October 23 2017

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Look at Harry sleeping

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Gaten Matarazzo for Status Magazine














they’ve been playing the same goddamn M&Ms christmas commercial for the past 8 years

he does exist!

they do exist



eight years what the fuck are you talking about that commerical is from 19-goddamn-96

thats not 8 years

that;s 18 years



it’s that time of the year again. time to bring back this reminder.

okay but Campbell’s is still playing that one chicken noodle snowman one, right? And that one I remember from an even EARLIER age

from 1993.
thats 22 years ago

this commercial has been playing for 22 years

thank you for reminding us all that the holiday ads never really change

okay but

this one’s from 1989

26 years

marketing strategy: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

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we don’t deserve her

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October-December moodboard

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Luna x Bobbi Brown  💄 💋

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Realizing it’s not romance that I hate but overdone straight relationships with zero chemistry built on a slew of misogynistic tropes was like a huge revelation for me

I have a story about this.

My revelation regarding this was spurred by a little-known film that actually didn’t do very well in theatres at all, from the early 90s called Corina Corina.

Starring heartthrob of the time Ray Liotta, fresh off his Goodfellas fame and…..Whoopie Goldberg??? as his love interest??????

Bear with me here.

Corina Corina is the story about a man whose wife died, leaving him alone to parent his 8-9 year old daughter alone in what appears to be the late 50s-early 60s.   His daughter, Molly, is non-verbal due to the trauma of her mother’s death and is dealing with feelings of isolation as a result of her mourning process. Ray Liotta’s character makes a concentrated effort to be a good dad for her, but it’s real clear that both of them are still dealing with the death of his wife. Because Ray’s character works full time, he needs to find a nanny to watch his girl and pick her up from school. After a couple of terrible experiences (one with a hilarious appearance by Joan Cusack) he decides to hire Whoopie Goldberg.

Whoopie Goldberg’s character is a college educated black woman (in the 50s!!!!) who appears to be doing domestic work because its the only work white 50s America will hire her for. She and Ray’s daughter Molly get along well because she is the first person to take Molly’s decision to be non-verbal seriously and learn an alternate way to communicate with her.

Long story short, Whoopie Goldberg and Ray Liotta fall in love and live happily ever after. 

But, more importantly, the way the movie built their love changed the way I was able to process hetero couples on screen forever.

1. First, they were both provided with alternate romance options from the beginning of the movie. Ray was given an extremely attractive white lady love interest, and Whoopie was given an attractive and charming black man love interest. Both of them were given opportunities to return their affection but both pointedly chose not to.

2. They were attracted to each other based on common interest. They both liked the same music, they both bonded over their ability to play the piano, they both loved molly, they both helped encourage each other in their chosen fields (whoopie’s was english, and ray’s was being a songwriter), they both respected each other’s opinions and they both were honest with each other about the circumstances they were in.

3. They were realistic about the issue of a black woman being in a relationship with a white man in the era, and didn’t glide over racial identity issues. Ray made sure that his white neighbors knew that he loved her and didn’t care what they thought. He even explained to his mom that Molly emulating black culture wasn’t shameful and that she should mind her business about the way he felt about Whoopie Goldberg.

4. When Ray confessed his feelings, it was incredibly heartfelt and he was literally crying.

5. They didn’t pursue a romantic relationship until Whoopie wasn’t working for him anymore. And they didn’t gloss over the issue of power disparity in that equation. Ray doesn’t condescend to Whoopie at all through the movie, but once he’s aware he has feelings for her, his new goal is to let her know that he unquestionably considers her his equal both in private and in public And its clear that he’s aware that this is the first thing that must be settled before anything else. 

By the time you get to the end of the movie, the entire concept of Ray Liotta being with Whoopie Goldberg seems not only normal, but exceptionally romantic and you’re left wondering why you thought they would be a gross couple to begin with when they’re sO cLeArLy MaDe fOr eAcH oThEr

I now call this the Corina Corina standard. 

If a movie has a hetero couple and their relationship isn’t as fleshed out as Ray/Whoopie, I now have difficulty accepting whats occurring. 

The concept that two hot straight people who are vaguely near each other just doesn’t do it for me anymore after watching Ray Liotta walk through a black neighborhood in the 50s and knock on Whoopie’s door to beg her to come home to him.


Oh so you say your characters are in love?

Prove it.

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid

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I deleted your comment because it was trash and your reylo positive post shouldn’t be in the anti reylo tag. Also if you really was neutral (which i know you aren’t because you do consume reylo content) you would know why antis are are antis. But all you care about is shutting us up like your fellow reylos.

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October 17 2017

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© Blossom Season || do not edit/crop photo. []

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reylos continue to be embarrassing

imagine being proud of the fact that one of your fellow shippers’ posts was so fucking cringe that it got out of just the ship or anti or even general fandom’s circles into all of tumblr. it’s being used as a copypasta and all of the internet is laughing at you desperate idiots. but you think a post with some cool digital blackface is going to make you seem less cringey? lmao, nice try but it’s not working.

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You’re free to leave me but just don’t deceive me. And please, believe me when I say I love you.

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