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October 17 2017

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reylos continue to be embarrassing

imagine being proud of the fact that one of your fellow shippers’ posts was so fucking cringe that it got out of just the ship or anti or even general fandom’s circles into all of tumblr. it’s being used as a copypasta and all of the internet is laughing at you desperate idiots. but you think a post with some cool digital blackface is going to make you seem less cringey? lmao, nice try but it’s not working.

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You’re free to leave me but just don’t deceive me. And please, believe me when I say I love you.


Darth Vader killed fellow Jedi, younglings, and his own master and padawan without batting an eye and still was redeemed.

Kylo killed (maybe a few apprentices, but the fire could’ve gotten them first) and his father. After killing his father, you can see instant regret in his eye. Rian Johnson says he is emotionally unstable after killing his father. When Kylo (supposedly) is going to kill Leia, you see tears, hesitation, before he (supposedly) shoots the missile. And people think he is irredeemable.

Vader, showing no emotion to killing his friends, family, is reedeemed.

Kylo, who showed plenty emotion after killing his father and when he is going to kill his mother, is said to be irredeemable. He is frickin crying guys. Did we see Vader cry after killing Ahsoka? Yet he is still redeemable.

You guys’ logic is messed up.

hey no offense but one just because one person does an unspeakable crime does not mean another person’s unspeakable crime is now okay. are you trash receptacles even real??? 

fyi vader was not ~redeemed~ luke alone forgave him right before he died. the nobody else forgave him. his redemption was a shallow as a fucking teaspoon. i hope kylo dies knowing that no one is going to miss him, not even his mother. 

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ludacris: if u aint got no money take your broke ass home!!!


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Filming On Han Solo Wraps, Official Title Is ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Han Solo And The Totally Obvious Title



In a shocking turn of events, the Han Solo spinoff film is officially titled… Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Director Ron Howard announced the name in a tweet video marking the end of production.

The movie is still slated for a May 25, 2018 release.


“it’s been a long ass fucking week”

-me, on tuesday

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170923 AMN Big Concert
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Captain Holt is Rosa Diaz’s proud dad pass it on.

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same seungcheol same

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Brought this meme back for the sake of shitposting. Cause like…Rey. Girl. You got all these people for you. Get the hell away from Crylo.



being touchstarved makes u absolutely buckwild when someone does smth simple like .share a chair with u

like having someone touch your hand with the tips of their fingers shouldn’t feel like So Much it shouldn’t feel like your whole body is going into anaphylactic shock but here we are. here we are.

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and they’re all beautiful!

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John Boyega in Attack the Block 2011

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top 10 episodes of black mirror (as voted by my followers)


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the sm members you want to avoid sitting next to 😂

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Anakin Skywalker being Extra

Requested by @padmeskyguy

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